Business consulting

Starting, successfully managing and expanding a company means understanding and adapting the business requirements as appropriate and seeking new solutions for further development.

As a reliable partner, we will provide advice and assistance when you establish, expand or realign your company.

Establishing a company

We will help you select the legal form, establish the necessary contacts, prepare to set up the company, assist with the planning (financial planning, budget, funding negotiations) and handle the formal applications (pension insurance, VAT, etc.).

Shareholder/partnership agreements

If more than one person invests in a company, the relationship between those involved should be regulated at an early stage in a partnership (general and limited partnerships) or shareholder agreement. We will provide advice, participate in the negotiations and discussions if required and can draw up the agreements.

Buying and selling companies

We will help you to plan and implement the purchase or sale of companies or parts thereof. We will produce a company valuation, negotiate with prospective purchasers/sellers, discuss the taxation and personal consequences and prepare the necessary contracts.


We will provide support and advice on all legal, tax and business issues with regard to transformations, spin-offs and mergers of all legal forms. We will produce the necessary documents and contracts and engage additional specialists if required.

Succession planning

Succession planning is a far-reaching and important duty of every entrepreneur which affects himself, his family, employees, and business relationships. Early planning is vital and a guarantee for smooth succession. Apart from meticulous tax planning, the valuation of the company and financing are also factors which play an important role here.

Company valuation

When determining the value of a company, there exist two different and opposing perspectives. The seller wants to obtain the highest possible sale price because his company is the result of a great deal of personal commitment and was built with no small amount of sacrifice and passion. The buyer wants a functioning company with a healthy profit situation. From the investor's perspective, the purchase price should not exceed the possible yields over the next few years, unless major capital items justify a longer period.

The expectations of the buyer and the seller regarding the sale price may differ. A company valuation serves to determine a value and aims to prevent major misjudgements or risks.


The financing of the purchase price frequently presents a huge challenge for the buyership. This is particularly the case when the buyer is a family member or an employee, or perhaps several buyers from among these same groups. Their own funds are usually limited, as the buyers themselves are in a phase of asset accumulation. Hence, detailed finance planning which takes into account financial reserves is vital. Sound financing must be ensured both for the acquisition as well as the operation of the company.

Tax planning

A well-prepared business handover includes a structured analysis of the tax-related consequences of the planned procedure. In particular, the tax-related consequences of any shift in business and/or to private assets should be analysed carefully. Action is required for all current and future taxes incurred (income and wealth tax, profit and capital tax, withholding tax, emissions levies, VAT). Tax optimisation is only possible through meticulous, long-term planning of all tax-relevant processes. At the same time, current statutory provisions and developments need to be considered appropriately.

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