Tax returns

Tax returns for natural persons

We would be glad to assist you with preparing your private/personal tax return for individuals/natural persons. Send us your tax documents and we will prepare your tax return. Upon request, we can come by in person (surcharge depending on place of residence).

Our fees are generally based on time and materials. This allows us to prepare your tax returns reliably and with the necessary diligence. For simple tax returns without extensive clarifications, our fees are based on the following flat rates:

Ordinary tax return for unmarried/single persons
(Salary statement, bank account/shares, ordinary deductions)
CHF      125
(excl. VAT of 7.7 %)
Ordinary tax return for couples
(Salary statement, bank account/shares, ordinary deductions)
CHF     145
(excl. VAT of 7.7 %)
Additional costs as per property
(incl. ca. 10 receipts for maintenance and repair)
CHF      60
(excl. VAT of 7.7 %)
Additional costs for the "first-time preparation" of the tax return

 CHF      40
(excl. VAT of 7.7 %)
Additional costs for out-of-canton tax returns (SO, LU, AG etc.)

  CHF      40
(excl. VAT of 7.7 %)
Express surcharge within 72 h
(only if documents are complete)

   CHF      95
(excl. VAT of 7.7 %)

Surcharge if documents/information need to be requested
(if mentioned on checklist but not handed-in)
CHF      100/hour
(excl. VAT of 7.7 %)

Surcharge for the submission of tax return in paperform

CHF      25
(excl. VAT of 7.7 %)

Information/documents required, which we need to complete your tax return you can find in our "checklists":

Tax returns for legal persons

According to the new accounting laws, legal persons are obliged to keep proper accounting records. This means that a tax return for legal persons must also be based on proper accounting records. We would be glad to assist you with preparing your accounting books, review the books you have kept, or compile your financial statement.

This way you have the option of maintaining your own accounting records — using a program you may already have — and commissioning our services simply for the end-of-year audit as well as to supplement the tax-relevant closing entries, or to contract with us to take on full management of your accounting.

The fees and/or costs for accounting/tax returns for legal persons can vary greatly. Our fees are charged at an hourly rate.

Contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call to make an appointment for an initial meeting, obligation-free.

Co-ownership/joint heirs

Co-ownership/joint ownership

If you have co-ownership or joint ownership (simple partnership) of property, you will need to prepare a separate tax return in the canton of Bern.

Preparation of this tax return is usually not straightforward, and uncertainty and questions can quickly crop up. Particularly for a couple living in a co-habitation arrangement, the incorrect compilation of such a tax return may lead to serious tax consequences.

Neither co-ownership nor joint ownership constitutes an independent taxable entity which is taxed separately. In this case, the net asset values as well as the net income determined in the tax return are simply transferred to the private tax return according to the asset ratio.

We would be glad to help you with this.

Joint heirs

In the case of the death of a taxpayer resident in the canton of Bern, the heirs generally need to file a tax return for the community of heirs. The community of heirs constitutes a simple partnership under civil law, and is required to file a corresponding tax return until the inheritance has been definitely concluded and distributed. Often, when compiling this tax return, it is unclear which asset values, expenditures, and yields are to be declared at which point, and above all in which tax return.

We would be glad to assist you with preparing this tax return for the community of heirs. We charge an hourly rate for services rendered.

Real estate gains tax

The transfer of property generally results in the necessity of filing a tax return for real estate gains. In particular, the sale of property can lead to a significant tax burden where real estate gains tax is concerned. Hence it is all the more important to be aware of all possible deductions and tax deferral options. Ideally, the tax consequences have already been clarified and optimised before the transfer of the property. In particular when transferring property within a family, statutory provisions allow for certain tax deferral options which do not result in any tax consequences with respect to real estate gains tax at the time of transfer of the property. Advance assessment of the tax consequences can therefore pay off in many cases.